Azure Stack

Platform Suite

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications. Integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions.

Azure Stack is productive for developers.

Get your apps to market faster. Azure integrated tools, from mobile DevOps to serverless computing, support your productivity. Build the way you want to, using the tools and open-source technologies you already know. Azure supports a range of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices.

Extend Azure on-premises and build innovative hybrid applications.

Azure Stack is an extension of Azure that enables your business to run Azure services from an on-premises environment and then move to the Azure cloud if and when required.

Azure Stack addresses latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally and then aggregating in Azure for further analytics, with common application logic across both. This scenario brings together the best of edge computing and cloud computing.

Liquid Telecom is making Azure Stack available locally in many African markets for the first time, helping businesses to navigate challenging data sovereignty, security and compliance requirements.

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